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Posted in Discipline, Training on August 9, 2010 by dougautenrieth

Classes are finished for the day. I am reminded that there are more variations on stretching techniques than there will ever be time to practice consistently. Then again, this is true of technique variations of all kinds. Hand techniques, foot techniques, weapons techniques, chin na, shuai jiao… Even movements within forms can have many correct variations.

Since there will never be enough time to practice everything all the time, it becomes more and more important to practice specific things daily for the cumulative effect of repetition over time. Those things must be chosen wisely to strengthen points of talent, to round out rough edges in the training, and to buff up weak points of technique or poor understanding of difficult concepts.

Choose carefully and train every day.

Tustin Shaolin Martial Arts is Accepting New Students!

Posted in Training on August 1, 2010 by dougautenrieth

This is a special announcement to our community to let you know that a new martial arts school has opened in Tustin. 

Enrollment is open to the public and no previous experience with martial arts is necessary. 

Classes are held in a diverse group environment to provide students with the broadest possible range of partners for well rounded training.

Tustin Shaolin Martial Arts
104 W First St
Tustin, CA  92780
Phone: 714-508-0488